For urban farming initiatives

For nursing homes, offices and schools

For everyone who loves local and fresh food


Vegger offers full treatment of indoor gardening from sowing to harvest of plants. And other services like training personal, seasonal cleaning, nutrition and health consultations and supports the clients in the whole development process.


Vegger offers complete indoor gardening solutions. We put together our experties to provide our clients with customized indoor gardens based on their needs. The Vegger solutions includes all research, design and relazation of indoor vertical gardens.


Vegger seeds are a wide variety of the highest quality seeds . Vegger also tests and mixes many nutrient formulations for a wide variety of crops. We provide you with the most suitable mixture of nutrient and grow-medium for higher yield and better results. Vegger provides complete sets of nutrient, grow medium and seeds for indoor vertical gardening.


Indoor vertical gardening is not difficult, but it is new to many growers. The Vegger Team are a group of specialist in design, agriculture, architecturez, food and health. To encounter challenges, our clients will receive permanent support and consultant from our experts.

Indoor Gardening and Interior Greening

Are you interested in improving the living environment in your health care center, school, office or restaurant? Please contact us.