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Vegger Accessories 8 bags of seeds – growing medium for 4 Vegger pots – 2 bags of plant’s nutrient

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The Vegger Accessories Extra package includes:
– Seeds
– Growth medium
– Plant’s nutrient

8 bags of high quality seeds: 2x Basil, coriander, 2x arugula, lettuce, Mirogreen leek, Microgreen broccoli

Growth medium
The bag of growth medium  is sufficient e for 4 Vegger pots. The material used as a growth medium is vermiculite. It is a natural mineral with an airy structure which makes it easy to hold water, air and nutrients.

Plant’s nutrient
The Vegger Accessories Extra package contains 2 bags of plant’s nutrient of ± 5 grams. These nutrients can be added to the water in the Vegger systems to stimulate the growth of the plant. The granules will sink and release nutrients gradually. Two bags of plant’s nutrient are enough for 4 harvests.

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