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    Company introduction
    We are a professional production line of FRP plate company. In recent years, our company has increased its investment in technology. The company has successively hired doctors, masters, and several senior engineers in chemical and mechanical fields. The equipment maintains technological leadership and focuses on environmental protection, energy saving, and precise temperature control. Joined in the equipment research and development, the equipment produced by our company has an environmentally friendly deodorizing hood, reserved gas treatment interface and perfect dust removal treatment. Temperature control is the most difficult and important point of the production process. Accurate control can improve product quality and reduce The scrap rate can save energy consumption and create great benefits for our users. The company is advancing while developing, and developing while advancing, theory and practice complement each other, and grow and develop together with our users!
    Basic Parameter
    Installation environment requirement: Ground flatness within 5CM.锛?/p>
    Ground hardened layer锛?0CM, Installing Width锛?m, length锛?0m, height锛?m
    Power Supply: 380V, 50HZ Transformer Capacity 锛?0KVA
    FRP lighting sheet specification: Sheet expanding width 锛?500mm
    Wave height: maximum 140mm
    Thickness: 0.6-5mm Production speed: 4-8m/min
    main feature
    Impregnation part
    1: Electric heating platform: avoid the resin too sticky to be immersed in the resin in winter and help to increase the temperature
    Summer production speed and impregnation; PID temperature control system: precise temperature control
    2: Special flattening roller: make the tension more even and the paint film smoother; arch flattening roller
    It can be adjusted 360 掳 and equipped with automatic lock
    3: Precisely control the thickness and width of resin to reduce unnecessary waste
    4: Equipped with glass fiber chopper
    Heating furnace system:
    PID precise control temperature, subsection heating, reduce power consumption under hot air control, easy to control curing
    More than 90% of the plate, can replace the mold, without downtime
    1. Are you a manufacturer or a trader?
    Yes, we are the real manufacturer. If you need other special products, we can customize it for you.
    2. Can I order special size products?
    Of course, we will also produce products according to your specific requirements.
    3. Why are we your best choice?
    We have direct factories and many years of export experience, and provide the best prices, high-quality products, timely delivery, and good after-sales service, so we have a good reputation and good long-term business relationships with many customers.FRP Lighting Sheet Making Machine