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    1. With 20 years of technology and production experience of PET Preform Mould,
    Injection cap mould, Haoqiang Mould has become a world-renowned manufacturer of PET Preform Mould and injection cap mould. The technology improvement and inheritance of Haoqaing for many years have made the Preform Mould and injection cap mould of Haoqiang more durable, easier maintenance and more efficient production. We will serve you wholeheartedly and look forward to your down visit.
    2. Productivity of Haoqaing mould
    1) Standard interchangeable mould components.
    2) Industry-leading productivity based on fast cycle times and high efficiency levels.
    3) Excellent concentricity between core and cavity for minimum wall thickness variation.
    3. Reliability of Haoqiang mould
    1) Roller cams that actuate both the opening and closing actions on the thread splits and are customized based on the particular preform design
    2) Stainless steel stacks eliminate moulding surface corrosion and reduce refurbishing and conversion costs
    3) High quality raw materials and proven mould designs ensure long mould life
    4. Support of Haoqiang mould
    1) Comprehensive training provided to customer鈥檚 technicians in mould and hot runner maintenance as well as PET processing.
    2) Professionally competent company technicians for mould commissioning, and training at the customer鈥檚 factory.
    3) Standard wear parts are kept in stock for immediate shipment.
    5. Quality and Testing
    Haoqiang commitment for a profitable future with us drives them to deliver the highest value products and services. We constantly strive to provide this value by lowering overall product cost and at the same time improving product quality. We ensure that our products are superior in quality and yield higher output, thus making client’s business operations smoother. Our long list of clientele all over the world speaks of our performance and service we have been providing to the industries for the past 25 years.
    1)Part Quality:
    Use of sophisticated machines and tools for inspection and testing. Special surface treatment and coating on core inserts for easy ejection of Preforms. Lowest cavity-to-cavity weight and dimensional variation as a result of best-in-class manufacturing processes. Finest quality mould steel is selected for mould base and mould parts to ensure excellent corrosion and wear resistance.
    2)Inspection and Testing
    A detailed mould manual for process troubleshooting. An In-house training facility for mould maintenance and preventive measures. All moulds assure preforms with flash-less Parting-lines and consistent weight. Moulds are tested under production conditions to assure proper functionality and trouble free start-up at customer’s end.
    6. Our equipments
    7. We are glad to hear any inquiry for PET mould,plastic cap mould from you
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