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    Powder coating angle steel shelf
    Angle steel shelf
    It is mainly composed of vertical columns and steel laminates. It is suitable for manual access to lighter goods. It can be used with plastic turnover boxes to store a variety of small products. It is widely used in the electronics industry and small parts warehouses. It can be changed by spraying powder or laying special The rubber sheet realizes anti-static function.
    Product Parameter of the angle steel shelf
    1.Post section:32*32mm,Thickness:0.8mm
    2.Beam: Z shaped beam,Thickness:0.8mm
    3.Steel panel specification:W300*D900*T0.7mm,W450*D900*T0.7mm,W600*D900*T0.7mm
    Product feature and application of the angle steel rack
    1.The rivet rack is composed of columns, beams and steel panel, which is very convenient to install.
    2.Thin material, light weight, easy to carry and transport
    3.Small space occupation, large storage space, improved storage efficiency, and wide application range
    4.characteristics of low cost, safety and reliability, simple assembly and disassembly, can be used alone, or can be freely spliced into various arrangements. The top and bottom decks of the shelves are connected to the columns with double corners and screws to stabilize the shelves. This structure has the characteristics of saving materials, good bearing condition and smooth surface.

    Production details of the angle steel shelf
    Angle Steel Shelf quotation