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    Product parameter
    6-8 m鲁 Side loader garbage truck
    Whole vehicle
    DataSupplier brandHongyu
    Chassis brandDongfeng brand
    Drive type4X2,left or right side
    Overall dimension6120脳2200脳2500 mm
    Wheelbase4100 mm
    G.V.W/Kerb weight8275/4455 KG
    Max.speed100 km/h
    ChassisFuel typeDiesel
    Engine brand锛坥ptional锛?/p>Dongfeng 3856 ML-115 KW
    Emission standard (Optional)Euro III,IV, V
    Front axle loading weight3310 KG
    Rear axle loading weight4965 KG
    Tyre number6 tyres
    Tyre specification 7.50R16LT,14PR
    SuperstructureWaste box capacity6-8 m鲁
    On-board accessories: 1 set of on-board tools,vehicle instructions, maintenance manual
    OptionalDifferent brand engine,option cabin per chassis,garbage bin material.side loading equipment.
    Product description
    1. Dongfeng 7 m鲁 side loading garbage truck use Dongfeng wide cab, ChaoChai 150 hp engine, three-way catalytic treatment plus tail gas purification treatment, 5 gearbox, 5 tons rear axle, 7.50-16 tyres, air brake, steering assist. China famous brand chassis , box device (sealed), power take-off, multi-way reversing valve, self-loading device, hydraulic system, operating system and other components.
    2. Upper box: Effective loading capacity is 8 m鲁, bottom of box is made of steel plate. The front side of the box is equipped with a hanging bin lifting mechanism, which can automatically lift the garbage bin, with dumping function. The tail is equipped with rubber seals to prevent the leakage of sewage. The hanging bucket garbage truck can be equipped with 120 L or 240 L plastic buckets or iron barrels according to customer requirements.
    3. Self-loading and unloading garbage truck, also known as lifting bucket garbage truck, is a special sanitation vehicle,it matched with the iron ,plastic bins and so on for loading garbage. It can be equipped with multiple garbage bins in one truck, which reduces the cost of equipping and increases the space for collection and management. It is mainly used for domestic garbage collection by environmental sanitation departments and communities, and garbage collection by large industrial and mining enterprises.
    4. Box device: For sealed structure, the front of the box is provided with a feed box cover, the side is provided with a self-loading device, and the rear of the box is assembled with a discharge door.
    Self-loading garbage device: The self-loading device is located on the front side of the box and consists of a bracket, an oil cylinder, a chain structure, a hook, etc. The device can lift the garbage of the external garbage bin into the bin body
    5. Hydraulic system: It consists of oil tank, oil pump, multi-way reversing valve, hydraulic cylinder, oil filter and pipeline. The system can realize all kinds of special functions of loading and unloading garbage.
    Operating system: The system can realize the conversion of various functions. Loading and unloading can be accomplished by manipulating the handle of the multi-way reversing valve. (When operating the multi-way reversing valve, the oil pump should be driven by a power take-up device.)
    Garbage collection operation is simple, efficient, environmental friendly (no secondary pollution), reliable quality, low failure rate, easy maintenance, low operating costs and so on. Widely applicable to municipal sanitation,street, factories and mining enterprises, resident districts, residential areas with large and concentrated garbage, urban street garbage treatment.
    The difference between Dongfeng side-loading compressed garbage truck and rear-loading compressed garbage truck is as follows:
    The biggest difference between Dongfeng side-loading compacted garbage truck and back-loading compacted garbage truck is the loading mode. The former is side-mounted. The garbage can is automatically dumped into the garbage by lifting the pull rod and pushing the garbage into the rear of the carriage to compress the garbage. The latter is loaded with garbage from the rear by direct bucket or manual input, and pushed the squeezed garbage in front of the carriage to achieve the compression purpose. The garbage in the roadside trash can be collected into the garbage bin, and the garbage truck can be compressed into blocks for transportation through the post-compression device, which saves the garbage volume, speeds up the efficiency and has no secondary pollution.
    About after-sale service
    1. Our company is a national key special automobile manufacturer with independent research and development capability. Over the years, through the unremitting efforts of all employees of the company, a complete industrial chain of design, manufacturing, sales, quality testing and after-sales service has been formed. After-sales service is an important pillar in our company’s pre-sale, mid-sale and after-sale links. Especially in recent years, with the continuous improvement of the company’s production capacity and the continuous expansion of export trade, the after-sales service system has been comprehensively improved.
    2. Hubei Hongyu Special Vehicle Co., Ltd. sells the “Hongyu” brand garbage truck, we pay great importance to product quality and after-sales service, and solves all kinds of customers’ issue. Duo to our efforts, our company has been awarded a five-star after-sales service enterprise for long-term.We will free to train the maintenance person for our partner.our company provides operation and maintenance training to our customers. The main training contents including the basic structure, performance, structure and principle of main components, daily operation, maintenance and management, troubleshooting of common faults, emergency treatment, etc.
    3. Our professional international trade personnel and after-sales team will visit customers regularly to understand the problems during customer using the “Hongyu” brand wrecker truck and give timely guidance and reply to them, so as to help customers operate the product skillfully in the shortest time, and also help customers to familiarize the tow truck’s maintenance and simple troubleshooting.
    Optional chassisSide Loader Garbage Truck suppliers