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    Drill Pipe Mud Screen are an important part of the directional drilling tool string. They filter out large particles in the mud protecting the MWD tools below. The Drill Pipe Screens are made of 3/16鈥?thick perforated stainless steel, with 17-4 hub and end cap heat treated to H900. This combination of materials has been field proven to outlast the competition in high wash environments. Our screens are available in every configuration to fit your specific requirements.The drill pipe mud screen is suitable to filter the drilling fluid of the petroleum an geological drilling.It is composed of the connector and filter screen.The connector is empty and only has a ledge.The filter screen is the ledge of the connector.It is placed under the drill rod and replaces the former Fangbao connector.In the circulation of drilling fluid,the impurities are filtered by the filter screen of the connector.The drilling fluid is cleaned,preventing the impurities from blocking the water hole.
    Slotted mud screens are commonly used in horizontal well completions. These are best suited for low-productivity wells, meaning wells that deliver low fluid rates. Most have a handling cap of around 300 GPMs (gallons per minute). Due to the small width of the slots, these screens are used for gravel or large grain stand-alone completions.
    Huadong screen drill pipe mud screen is your solution for drill-pipe mud screens. We stock screens from 2鈥?to 4鈥?in length and thicknesses ranging 7 to 16 gauge. We realize that different situations call for different screens so we stock screens both high flows and slow flow applications. if we do not carry a screen that fits the conditions in which you are drilling, we have the resources to quickly design and produce a screen that will.
    In addition to drill-pipe screens we offer a full array of fabrication services including but not limited to: water jetting (up to 5 inches thick steel), plasma cutting, laser cutting and laser etching, rolling, forming, shearing, and welding. Sub racks, work benches, and tool stands are just some of the products we have designed and manufactured.
    Specification of drill pipe mud screen
    Material304 & 316 stainless
    Perforation3/16鈥?hole on 5/16鈥?stagger
    Retrievable with standard overshot
    Interchangeable ring flanges
    33% open area perforation
    Internal wear distribution sleeve
    Full length safety retaining rodDrill Pipe Screens