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    Internal combustion machine oil Pour Point Depressant
    Pour Point Depressant SCR-158 is an efficient polymethacrylate and ester type complex additive. Using Imported advanced fatty alcohol, this product features fine pour point depression ability on the paraffinic base and the intermediate base. Good low temperature performance. With performance verified by PetroChina Dalian lubricating oil research and development center, it has better cost-effectiveness among the domestic products. Good effect of reducing condensation; Good transparency; With good shear stability, high temperature thermal stability and antioxidant capacity, can provide long-term, continuous reducing coagulation effect. 0.1%-0.5% dose.
    Product Characteristics
    Treated with High Pressure Homogenizer, SCR-158 has high stability and transparency. Excellent pour point depressing effect with 0.1%-0.5% dose. Excellent fluidity and solubility under low temperature. Excellent shear stability. Physical and chemical indicators meet Q/CRY18-2015 standard.
    Recommended Dose
    Typical Characteristics
    List of ItemsTypical IndicatorTest Method
    AppearancePale-yellow transparent viscous liquidVisual Inspection
    Kinematic Viscosity, (100°C), mm2/s<160GB/T265
    Shear stability index(SSI)188GB/T3536
    PPD Degree, °C>15
    HV150 base oil with 0.5% dosageGB/T510
    Pour Point Test Typical Value
    Base oil0%0.1%0.3%0.5%
    Packaging and Safety Information
    Net weight: 175 Kg/drum, packed in 200 liter metal drum. Best Blending temperature: 50-60℃. Please refer to SH/T0164 for transportation, storage and handling. Non-flammable, non-explosive, non-corrosive. Storage temperature below 60℃, avoid repeated heating, keep away from heat.PMA Pour Point Depressant PPD manufacturers