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    Bogie suspension is a special heavy duty suspension which can be over load for many times than its capacity , it’s popular in Middle East where is abundant in mineral resouces , such as oil , coal, etc . And this suspension is suitable for the terrible rod condition .
    High mounting bogie suspension is a kind of this suspension with high mounting assembly plate.
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    A rocker bogie
    In motion – incorrectly shows chassis staying level; the chassis actually maintains the average of the two rockers
    Rocker bogie on Curiosity
    The rocker-bogie system is the suspension arrangement used in the Mars rovers (mechanical robot) introduced for the Mars Pathfinder and also used on the Mars Exploration Rover (MER) and Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) missions. It is currently NASA’s favored design.
    The term “rocker” comes from the rocking aspect of the larger links on each side of the suspension system. These rockers are connected to each other and the vehicle chassis through a differential. Relative to the chassis, when one rocker goes up, the other goes down. The chassis maintains the average pitch angle of both rockers. One end of a rocker is fitted with a drive wheel and the other end is pivoted to a bogie.
    The term “bogie” refers to the links that have a drive wheel at each end. Bogies were commonly used as load wheels in the tracks of army tanks as idlers distributing the load over the terrain. Bogies were also quite commonly used on the trailers of semi-trailer trucks. Both applications now prefer trailing arm suspensions.Trailer And Semi-Trailer Bogie Suspension suppliers