Indoor – vertical gardening and interior greening

Vegger products and services give everyone the possibility of growing fresh vegetables and herbs inside living or working spaces without any difficulty. Our products use soilless cultivation method and are equipped with LED lightening system.  This allows you to grow your own herbs and vegetables in a clean way and without use of pesticides. Enjoy fresh herbs and vegetables all year round!

Self grown and healthy vegetables and herbs

Reducing stress and improving the livability of locations

Improving air quality inside living spaces

Improving concentration in children and adults

Water and energy efficient 

Independent of weather conditions

Shorter growing cycle

Light weight and compact design

Grow All Year Round
Grow All Year Round
Grow Healthy
Grow Simple
Grow Vegetables
Grow Fresh
Grow Fast
Grow Clean
Grow Indoor
Grow Vertical
Grow Flowers
Grow Herbs
Grow Easy
Grow Anywhere
Grow Anytime
Grow At Home Office
Grow Anything Anywhere Anytime
Grow All Year RoundGrow HealthyGrow SimpleGrow VegetablesGrow FreshGrow FastGrow CleanGrow IndoorGrow VerticalGrow FlowersGrow HerbsGrow EasyGrow AnywhereGrow AnytimeGrow At Home OfficeGrow Anything Anywhere Anytime

Products & Services

Products, accessories, and services for local/vertical food production inside living spaces


Vegger news

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Vegger Groenten, Coming Soon!

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Growing vegetables in Vegger’s high tech garden

Vegger in the Gelderlander!

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The story of Vegger in Vizier op Bronckorst

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Indoor - vertical gardening solutions

Hydroponics and horticulture LED lightening systems

Environmental friendly vegetable production method

Alternative local vegetables and herbs production systems

The future of food production and food consumption

Multi-functional indoor farms

maintenance and indoor gardening services

Vegger Indoor Gardens

Products and services for indoor-vertical gardening


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