Indoor Gardens
Integration of gardens into interior design
Vegger Gardens
Innovative Indoor Gardening Solutions
Healing Environment
Improving the livability of locations with interior greening
Vertical Gardening
Purification of air and enhanced lightening
Smart Gardens
Grow your vegetables at home!
Horecava 2019
Rai Amsterdam, 7-10 January
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Climate controlled

Independence from climate conditions


With high safety standards and without risk


Reducing risks by growing crops without pesticide


Producing 10x more vegetables and herbs of traditional gardens


All year round production of vegetables and herbs


Consuming 1/10 the water and 1/5 fertilizer


Low maintenance and simple systems


Possibility of growing everywhere and reducing food miles

Integration of gardens into interior design

Indoor Garden VeggerVegger Indoor Farms
Vegger Nursery Lobby2 DaylightVegger Nursery Lobby2 Daylight LED

For urban farming initiatives

For nursing homes, offices and schools

For everyone who loves local and fresh food


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